Horse Wisdom In a Troubled World


The wild horse has become a conundrum for western civilization.

      An animal driven by instinct, intuition and sensory awareness.   Concepts not valued in our hurried, rational and scientific world.

Along with our domesticated horses wild horses have evolved and survived on the earth for 55 million years.

Perhaps modern man could learn a thing or two from the horse. 

Like putting aside it's narcissistic superiority syndrome.

Science having to know it all.  Trying to prove or disprove where the species originated so they can label it native or feral.

In my simple mind.   Native means let it live and encourage it.  Feral justifies killing it or controlling it. 

Excuse my simple mind.

Despite what the scientists, environmentalists and ranchers tell me I choose native. 

Horse are native to the earth.

Go ahead scientists..... try to rationalize and disprove that concept.

But I regress.

We must figure this out. 

We have been told and many agree our earth is dying.

Might we be able to learn a thing or two from a species so adapt at survival?

How about we stop inflicting pain and misery on a innocent bystander?

The bystander we could stand to learn so much from.

Horses don't mince words so to speak.

They are honest and straight forward.

They don't like incongruity.

Perhaps that is why they are so content in the wild.  Far from humans.

When we give up we feel powerless.

The horse knows no such thing. 

As this stallion leaves a skirmish he is not in a conflicted emotional state, sad and fearful.

He does not pathologize about the other horse.

He has focus.  Creating and protecting his offspring.

How simple life is when you know your purpose.

Ironically the stallions purpose is the heart of the wild horse conundrum.

The solution so far is more of modern man's paradigm.

Dominance rationalized.

Strip the stallion of it's purpose.   Subdue the mares and babies into compliance.

As many a domesticated horse knows......

A good horse should submit to anything right?

But I regress.

We must figure this out.

Precious and innocent are the young.

Foals learn from an early age to listen to mama.

No words needed.

If humans gained awareness of other humans non verbal communication many an argument could be avoided.

Did you know love works wonders?

Umbilical cord still attached and already communicating with out saying a word!

I must reinforce this point.

Horses are models for emotional dexterity.

They don't get all bent out of shape if they have a scuffle.

They don't spend the rest of the day upset over how the other horse treated them.

They go back to grazing, trusting in the universe.

Oh how much more happiness there would be in the world if we could take this lesson from the horse!

Why am I reinforcing this point about emotional dexterity otherwise know as emotional intelligence or agility?

Because when we have a problem to solve we have to learn to get along with others who may piss us off.

We can work together as a herd.

We can act like horses and put our emotions aside.

Seeking happiness and peace even when we disagree. 

We can go back to grazing or nuzzle up close to a love one.

Instead of licking our wounds and seeking revenge.

We can help the horses as they have helped us throughout time.

Let the dark horse speak.

We must stop with the the narcissistic superiority and let nature take the reins. 

Nature knows best.

Let's work to melt human and animal consciousness together so we can solve this conundrum.

Adios Amigos!