Wild Hearted Woman

Welcome to "My Wild Heart".   A blog were I will share my heart felt thoughts and my adventures wandering throughout the west to find wild horses, create art and help the wild horses.



I was raised to be noble and mild mannered.

I was compliant for most of my life.

Come 2021   The universe speaks.

It is time to celebrate.

My wild hearted gypsy soul is revealed with new respect.

Here are 10 characteristics of the wild gypsy I can identify with.

#1 To be boring is a sin.

Adventure will hold our interest.

#2 Logical decisions not always followed.

It is interesting to see what happens when we don't follow logic.

#3 We are functional adults.

We just prioritize the important things in life.  Like fun.

#4 We are fiercely independent.

We want to live life on our own terms.

#5  We don't do well with confinement.

Don't try to tie us down or try to tell us how to live our lives.

#6 We don't mind being alone

Our love may be rare but it is wild.

#7  We wander to high places.

We are passionate and inspired to go were ever life takes us.


#8 We love nature.

Being in beautiful places on a frequent basis is a must to keep us happy.

#9  We use our intuition to guide us.

We are usually right but when not we have good stories to tell.

#10  We love art and are often artists ourselves.

Case in point.


Art from my heart to yours.

Adios Amigos!