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RJ Daum RPLS(non-registered)
captured as a yearling Jan. 10, 2007MARK WAITE / PVTThe gather of burros in the Spring Mountains has sparked controversy.Federally-contracted
cowboys continue to gather wild horses and burros from the Spring
Mountains Range despite a request for an injunction filed by a wild
horse advocacy group....U.S.
District Judge Kent Dawson refused to stop the U.S. Bureau of Land
Management gather from proceeding as scheduled. The gather began last
Wednesday near Johnnie. The action has since moved to Cold Creek by the
middle of this week, another part of the Spring Mountains Herd
Management Complex.BLM Spokesperson Jo Lynn Worley said Tuesday
they've gathered 204 burros and 196 horses as of the end of the day
Monday. The BLM rounded up 125 burros on the first day alone near
Shoshoni, BLM freezemark # is 05599020,"Two Tone Texan", America
Finally back home long may he rule.
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